Healthy body,healthy mind


A healthy body encase a healthy mind and vice vers

It rekindle lost charm,love and glow to dispel life long inertia


Our body is our sole companion till last breat

Why not restructure our body and soul with yoga,exercise to get our life set


Healthy body imbibes and activate our inner energy and strengt

Healthy mind feels it's energy to get charged and enhance inner peace that get's us sane


Yoga removes toxins from our body either on outside or insid

It enhance flexibility, beauty and balance between heart and mind


Health is really wealt

If we are healthy,we will be sane to bear our responsibilities with zealth


Healthy body and healthy mind,both are equally important to sustain balanced lif

Yoga,exercise enhance indurance,balance to have beautiful beehive


So we should really invest in our physical and mental health bot

As physical health let's feel happy and confident but inner peace mount us to great height


Even with great body,name and fame with millions followers,people still do suicid

So mental health that is most neglected thing,but we can seek meditation,therapist help to dispel it and beautifully survive


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