Why is my Dog Drooling and Slobbering, and Is it Healthy?



As the summer is knocking at the door, we all are ready to stretch our legs and do all cool summer activities, But have you ever wondered how it would be for our furry friends? FYI they don't have sweat glands on their skins like humans. So they feel much more heat than us. You must have seen them panting or drooling during a hot sunny day. This panting and drooling help them to maintain their body temperature. When you see a dog panting and drooling next time make sure he/she is placed on a shady area and keep him/her hydrated. However, drooling can be not always normal in dogs. We shall find out how and why these drools come and how we analyze them.

 You might see saliva dripping from your dog’s mouth or strings of saliva hanging from his mouth. You must be wondering, what this might mean?

Drooling can indicate either an overproduction of saliva or the inability to swallow food or liquids. It can also be a sign of a serious underlying problem, it can cause significant losses of fluid within a day or so, particularly if your dog is feeling sick and not eating to replace those losses. It can also be a sign of poisoning. And, although it’s rare, drooling also can be a sign of Rabies.





We will find out a few things first in order to come to any conclusions. Don't Panic!

Find out that your dog does not have any high temperature or check if the dog is feverish?   Does he seem uncoordinated, weak, lethargic, and acting like a drunk? Has his behavior been unusually dull, or overly excitable, or aggressive? It could be a pain in your dog’s mouth, jaw, or throat; or poisoning or disease of his nervous system. If the dog is poisoned then try to check his pupils dilated, suffers muscle tremors, and is undergoing any unusual behavior, or notice any from white, foamy saliva bubbling around his mouth. There have been many instances that the dog comes in contact with poisonous food or any plants. 

 Do not panic! Try to remember if you have used any pesticides recently or have dealt with any such things. If any then keep it safely for the Vet references and call you VET asap.


      Among the possible causes of drooling, an inability to swallow, mental changes, and/or gait abnormalities are a rare but notorious one: Rabies. If Rabies is a consideration in your dog’s case, don’t take chances, take precautions.




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