WHERE WILL YOU BE


     My dear  a humble greeting from  distance ,my dearest friend I want to say alot to you,Only from  this far distance I greeting you with many hugs.

It's seen like yesterday everything was  the same But for one  moments , it was taking  away by the storms and cast away deep down in the ocean.

My dearest friend only you can show me greet joy Putting a beautiful  smile on my face , For the roads is long my dear friend hole on .

  From the moment I look into your eyes I know you are the one for me  ,My dear  only you can brighten up my morning sing those beautiful hymes with you sweet voice.

My dear where will we go after our  beautiful Sun set ,It's like a dream when you look up to the stars and make a wish, My dear through the sea were the ocean cover up all our memory. 

 My dear I know we  are meant to be in this world it only have you ,The greatest love ; But I have the greater one  is you ,you are my lighting star that will never blow out ,The heaven rejoice ,for all I have is you.

                     Te amo.


            AUTHOR BY : Meda Joanah Sieusankar 

 ©All Rights Reserved.

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