When Parents Grow Old

We cant deny the fact that everybody get old. Like you. Things changes, attitude changes and physical appearances changes. But did you bother to think that our parents also grow old? Mostly not because we are all busy doing our personal things and other things that made us forget that our parents are being left out and not given care and love.

Yes this is the reality we are facing, time is so fast but we forget that our parents also grow old.

Sad right? Time come our parents will leave this planet and when will you show love and care? when they are already in the coffin? Or when they can no longer move or talk?

I say to you love your parents the most, give them more care and love that they need. Never make them feel they are unwanted. Because our parents is one of the treasures that God gaves us.

Learn to have a constant communication with them. Continue loving them and give them the care and love that they gave you when you are young. I hope after reading this article you are embracing your mother and father saying i love you.

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