When coronavirus will come to an end?


Everybody in this world today, has just one question to ask, "When will coronavirus get away from our lives?". There are several claims and speculations been made everywhere to answer this question, but, is there any truth behind it?

3 reasons the coronavirus may end very soon!

1) Firstly, it's not at all a relevant question to ask, it simply demonstrates that people are frustrated and have lost their patience. That being said, although getting frustrated is completely normal, there is a definite answer to it, which is, "Don't try to calm the storm, calm yourself, the storm will pass - Buddha."

2) Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques can keep you far-far away from the virus. Technically, the virus attacks your lungs and the persons start observing difficulty in breathing. Breathing methods can do wonders to your heart, lung, and mind. 

3) When everybody will pass through the storm of this virus, it will end. The day is not far when almost all of us will get immune to this virus, and probably it will have no other option left, but disappear. Statistics have shown the virus flattens easily from a place where it has reached and stayed for a couple of weeks. 


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