What Sells and What Doesn’t Sell on Ebay


EBay listings include all kinds of items for sale, from the plain and ordinary to the wild and amazing. You will have to determine what types of items you want to sell. There are some things you may want to consider before you make your decision. Are you going to be selling items that you already have around your home? Or are you going to find products in your local area that you are going to purchase with the intent of reselling the item and making a profit?

To give you an idea of what is being sold at eBay here are a few of the items offered for sale today:

• Collectibles: There are a wide range of collectibles that are sold every day on eBay. From the traditional fare of stamps, coins, and comic books to the more specialized items such as Beanie BabiesTM, ZippoTM lighters, and PEZTM dispensers, eBay is by far the number one place on the Web to find the widest range of both popular and hard-to-find collectable items.

• Electronics: EBay is an excellent source to sell both new and used electronic items. Whether you are selling individual items or lots that have been purchased in bulk, there are always buyers for electronic goods of all shapes and sizes. Cell phones, stereo equipment, computers, and video games are just a few of the millions of high tech gadgetry that can be found across many sections of the eBay community.

• Antiques: Items in this category include everything from Asian vases to antique maps. If you are considering selling an antique make sure you know the value of the item so that you can verify the item's worth. If you have any documentation that legitimizes the age and antique value of the item you should make note of this in your item listing. Take a photo of any documentation that supports the value and age of the antique you are selling. You should also take a picture of any identifying marks on the antique to establish its worth. The more information you can provide potential buyers the more successful you will be with the sale.

• Books: Books are a very popular sale item on eBay. Sub-categories include children's books, poetry, reference books, and the latest fiction. If you are thinking about selling books at eBay you will have to do your research very carefully to make certain that you are selling at a competitive market value. One of the best things about selling books is that they are easy to package and ship to the seller. Books are relatively difficult to damage during mailing and shipping costs will be minimal compared to the shipping expenses of larger, more fragile items bought on eBay. You will want to find out the availability of a certain book you are thinking about selling. If the book is readily available through other selling markets, such as bookstores and supermarkets, there may not be a high demand for the book and you may want to reconsider spending time listing it on eBay. Make sure the books you are selling are in good condition. If there is wear and tear or damage to the book be sure to make mention of this in your eBay listing. You want to give the buyer as much information as possible.

• DVDs and Movies: DVDs and movies are a great item to sell on eBay. Be sure to include information such as media format (DVD/VHS/Beta/Laserdisc/etc) and encoding information (such as PAL/NTSC). When dealing with box sets, be sure to include bonus items and packaging details.

• Arts and Crafts: On eBay you will find many examples of the modern “cottage industry” with individuals and small “mom and pop” operations who create arts and crafts of every flavor imaginable. 

From homemade candles to home fired ceramics to hand strung beads and artwork, eBay has no shortage of merchandise that caters to those who desire items with that “personal touch”. In addition to offering the final products of many creative individuals, eBay also hosts many vendors of arts and crafts supplies.

There are some items that you are prohibited to sell on eBay. EBay will end your listing if you violate their policy of what you can not sell. As well as items that you are prohibited from selling, some items may be considered questionable (can only be listed under certain conditions) or potentially infringing (item may be in violation of certain copyrights). There are some of the items that you are prohibited from selling on eBay:

• Alcohol

• Counterfeit items

• Firearms, Ammunition, Replicas, and Militaria

• Drugs and drug paraphernalia

• Plants and seeds

• Stocks and other securities

• Lottery tickets

• Stolen property

The list of items to sell on eBay is endless. If you do your research well you will be able to make an informative decision about what you are going to sell on eBay to make money. Experiment with different items to see what you enjoy selling and at which you are most successful.

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