What's with this expression of course the show Doraemon is going to happen banned in India

Guys have ever wondered that what will happen if you think that why Doraemon is less broadcasted?. This is because of you , no don't think I am blaming but you all are watching Doraemon in Smartphone and internet rather than in Tv . It's not that I m blaming you but you think that will happen if guys let Doraemon go from India, you are doing but to break the dreams and enjoyments of the future children who will be watching it . Doraemon would be the best show you may have seen in your childhood. " This stupid Japanese cartoon Doraemon is banned in 50 more countries including Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Ecuador, Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, China, Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and many others!

It has been banned for being stupid, foolish, teaching wrong things and being idiotic. Those caught watching Doraemon will be given 12 years in prison. Repeated offenders will get life time in prison." Just see the person who has reviewed it , because of these persons our childhood friend Doraemon is going to leave india too . Guys if you love Doraemon then , please help me from leaving it from India. A Japanese writer alleged during a TV interview that the anime classic Doraemon has been "banned" by education authorities in France over concerns it has a negative influence on childrenDoraemon, which first appeared in manga form almost 50 years ago, has been held up in Japan as an example of the power of technology to improve people’s quality of life.


Doraemon’s detractors, however, say the show’s use of gadgets encourages children to depend on others rather than solve problems for themselves, the Nikkei said. They are particularly critical of its 4D Pocket, whose array of gadgets includes an “anywhere door” and “bamboo copter”.Still all these couldn't made some people love Doraemon


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