What Makes People Successful?

Strategies for Success


What do successful people do that others donít?


What motivates them to keep going?


Can anyone be successful? 


What makes them different from others?





Successful people are confident, honest and driven.


These are attitudes, not skill.


Our attitude can improve our skills so we need to change our attitudes and become more focused and driven.


Our minds find it impossible to store all the information it receives in a day and so it deletes the unnecessary detail.  So you need to change your attitude to your business or your life.  You need to set goals, concentrate on knowing what you want to achieve and work towards achieving your goals.


But your goals need to be SMART goals:


Specific ñ know exactly what you want

Measurable ñ be able to follow the progress

Achievable ñ be within your capabilities

Realistic ñ be possible to do

Time ñ you must make the time to do it





You need to know exactly what your goals are, be able to set a plan and follow it, be achievable for you (e.g. donít attempt to be a brain surgeon if you canít stand the sight of blood), be possible to do (e.g. donít try and think you can fly) and you must be prepared to put in the time to achieve your goals, or have the time to do it.



Seeing Things As They Are


Some days start off great and just get better while others start off bad and get worse.


Why is this?


It all depends on your attitude and what youíre focusing on.  If youíre in a bad mood then everything will seem bad because youíre focusing on it.


Itís just the same with your goals.  If you focus on missing them, then you will.


You see, our brain never hears the word ëwontí or ëdonítí.  Thatís why children always do what you tell them not to.  They never hear the word ëdonítí.


So if you focus on not missing your goal by thinking ëI wonít failí, then you will.  Instead, tell yourself, ëI will succeedí.



Forget Failure


Children learn faster than adults because they have no fear of ridicule or failure.


Children always look on the bright side:


Kids are curious - Adults are cynical

Kids love puddles - Adults hate rain




Babies learn to walk by setting a goal and working towards it.  When they fall down they adopt a different strategy, such as holding onto the furniture, and then they keep going and learning.  We should take a leaf out of a babyís book, so to speak.


Never say ëI canít do this.í  Just take notice of whatís not working and change strategies.  This will move you closer to your goal.


What else stops you from achieving our goals?





Your beliefs can hinder you or help you, but they can only help you if you understand that they are only beliefs.


Events donít shape your life.  Itís your interpretation of these events that shapes your life.


Your beliefs and certainties have the power to expand or destroy your true potential.


Beliefs are limiting, so itís important to understand that they are only beliefs and not reality.


The past does not equal the future.  Just because you havenít achieved something in the past doesnít mean you canít achieve it in the future.


You need to question your beliefs and where they come from.

Remember, you can change ñ but not if you believe you canít.


Focus on what your limiting beliefs have stopped you from achieving. Change whatever is limiting you.


If you believe youíll win, then you will.





Remember that you donít have to be 100% successful in everything you do to be successful.  Every step you take to achieve your goal is a success.  And if something goes wrong, just chalk it up to experience ñ we learn from our experiences.



Things You Can Do Right Now


Always ask yourself:


What did I do well today?

What did I learn today?

What am I going to do differently tomorrow?


Never avoid failure. 

Stride for success.

Keep trying different strategies.


We slump when depressed and sit tall when we feel successful.  Adopting these postures can affect our attitude and state of mind.


How you feel on the inside can affect how you look on the outside and this can influence people around you.  What you focus your mind on affects your body language.  Therefore you can change your state of mind by changing your posture.  So when you feel depressed, adopt the upright posture of a successful person.


People and circumstances can also affect your state of mind, but this can be controlled.  Instead of giving up letting external factors control your state of mind, adopt a positive attitude, stand tall and refuse to be influenced by negative things around you.


This is easier said than done because our responses are learned and our unconscious mind cannot always distinguish what is and isnít real.





For instance; if you raise your hand to your mouth and imagine youíre sucking a lemon, youíll wince.  The lemon may be imaginary, but your mind has a conditioned response which makes you wince.


Therefore, never forget:


If you think you canít achieve something, then you wont.


                If you think you can achieve something, then nothing will stand in your way.


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