What Is The Prerequisite For Creating A Life Of Success?


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How many times have you blamed circumstances and make excuses for not being successful?


You can create tons of excuses for not being successful but nothing will change.


Blaming makes you feel like a victim with no power or control over your life or destiny.


Blaming and making excuses will destroy your energy and vitality and leave you with a feeling of frustration and desperation.


Your life will not change until you take 100% responsibility of your life.


You must give up all excuses and stop any blames.


Stop blaming your parents, education, friends, spouse, coworkers, boss, weather, country, government, ...etc


If you continue blaming and making excuses then congratulations... You will fail!!!!


"99% of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses" - George Washington Carver.


Engrave the above quote in your mind. You only fail when you surrender and loose persistence. And you will surrender by starting to blame and make excuses.


But if you take 100% responsibility of your life you will try again and again until you achieve what you want. Because only you can get the right results and you will waste your time by blaming circumstances.


If you are not convinced, then before I prove it to you lets agree on this:


"At least act as if you are 100% responsible"


If you don't believe that you are 100% responsible of your life and that everything happens to you results from your decisions and actions, then at least act AS IF you are.


This will decrease your level of blaming, increase your chances of success and provide you with confidence in yourself and abilities.


If you want a proof that you are 100% responsible then lets discuss the following formula which I learned from Jack Canfield's book called The Success Principlesî


Lets go back to your math classes




Event + Response = Outcome


Your outcome only depends on your response to a certain event.


You have no control over events or circumstances. You only have control over yourself and your responses.


You lost your control long time ago due to myths like no body can change circumstancesî, ìexternal factors determine your destinyî and all similar staff you have learned in the past.


Now forget about your past and focus on the following two choices:


1. You can blame your circumstances and make excuses but you will not reach anything you want.


2. You can change your responses to a certain event until you get what you want. And this will make all the difference.


Gain control of your thinking, decisions, actions, responses, etc. and you are on your greatness path.


Take 100% responsibility of your life. You have control over your thoughts and actions. So, don't let go of your ultimate power.


And strive for success.


My friend you can make a difference.


I believe in you.

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