What is the Perfect Marriage?

The Marriage?? A lot of people now a days think that a lasting love does not exist anymore. But everyone has to work on it for their truer love.

What does it take for a greater understanding of the marriage to work? Well if you are just in it for looks, then both of you are blind. Everyone else is going to look better than the person who you want to marry. And as you age faster, you will have to pass by All the cutest, hottest men, and women you ever wanted worse than the person whomever just has the looks good to you right now, and tomorrow could be another story. Simple, people should know it's not about looks, it's all about that connection.

If you are just in it for sex, pleasure, playful, and kisses you are not on the right track. Sure of course their is going to be intense intemcey. But not a choir, and not a bad feeling. As far as the Moon goes great sex with that person whomever it's not going to be about that. It's going to be about real love, because if you get done with sex pleasure playful vibes it's over now and then both of you are screwed.

In conclusion,

Real love should be intense, beautiful, caring for that special person for the future that you want to hold onto for the rest of your life. The person who treats you great for who you are. That you find the best out of you from that person, and want to marry.

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