What is the effect of age on your thinking?

How old will you feel in this? Just as the number of your shoes or your height is decided after age, similarly the number of years you have passed in your life cannot be changed. However, everyday experience tells us that we do not feel it on the same scale as we age. Some people feel old. So, get some.
Now, scientists are researching this mindset. Some interesting things have emerged from this research. The older you feel is closely related to your better and worse performance. It also has a deep connection with your health. Now scientists are working to find out whether the age you feel has any relation to whether you are sick or doing better.
Scientists say that 'How young people feel about their age, this thing affects all their decisions. People take decisions in life according to how young or old they feel.
The importance of feeling the age does not end here. How young you feel is related to your health as well. It even has to do with your death.
So, you are as old as you feel.
Excited by these interesting research results, scientists are now beginning to find out what are the psychological, social and biological factors that make people feel young or old. By gathering this information, we will find another recipe to live long and healthy.

Research is not new

By the way, this research regarding age is not new. Between the 1970s and the 1980s, much such sporadic research was done. But, in the last ten years, their floods have come. A major aspect of such research recently is how our thinking about age affects our personality. Exerts an effect.
Everyone knows that with age people become calm. Avoid trying new things. On the other hand, youth are ready to take more risks. New places, more excited for new experiments are there.
But, age came about feeling. Research shows that people who feel young, also become more honest with increasing age. Learn to control emotion. These qualities come with age anyway. People become calm with the experience of life.
It means to say that for those who remain young at heart, it is not that they remain childish-minded. But, despite the growing age, people who feel young are less likely to be victims of depression. Their mental health is better than others. They are less prone to forgetfulness. Sick is less.
Researchers researched more than 17 thousand middle age and elderly people. among these Most people felt themselves to be eight years younger than their real age.
But, some people felt themselves to be older than their real age. There were serious problems with such people. Those who felt themselves to be 8-13 years older than their actual age were seen to be 18-25 per cent more likely to die. During this, the process of his getting sick was also faster than others.

Premature ageing

According to age, we feel ourselves, there are many reasons for our health. The biggest reason is that with increasing age, maturity comes in people. But those who feel young, they do more experiences of youthful days like travelling or taking up new hobbies. That is, people who feel young, spend more time jumping, exercising, walking or going for a walk. This has a good effect on their health.

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