What Gua Sha Can Do For You And Your Body


East treatment is coming into recognition due to evolving techniques and researches that proves that eastern medical therapy is reputable. Western medical treatments are finding ways to merge with eastern medical treatments in ways that were unthinkable last time.

For those who refuses western medical treatments or western medical treatments offer no hope, they turn to eastern medical treatments in hopes of cure. Besides, eastern medical treatments offer effective treatment with less or no side effects. This book shall reveal one of the best kept traditional Chinese treatment methods unknown to many, known as Gua Sha.


Asia is popular with traditional medication practice. One of them is Gua Sha. It is commonly used by folks that chose not to seek treatment with doctors and prefer to treat themselves with alternative treatment.

The Basics

It is considered to be more of a “folk therapy”. Folks do not mean to be used in any pejorative sense but to emphasis on people who are able to do for themselves in the comfort of their homes or in monasteries.

It is a traditional treatment similar to massage and acupuncture that helps getting rid of common ailments. However, Gua Sha is less known in the west comparatively.

With the advancement of internet, research and even a movie made in USA highlighting Gua Sha called „The Treatment‟ are helping to lift Gua Sha from obscurity and promote its beneficial effects. Gua Sha is a simple yet effective treatment.


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