What exactly is Beauty?

Always heard Black of Brown isn't the colour of Beauty.


Thin or Fat, Always Thin one was chosen as the best of.

you look ugly 

Those clothes look awful on you

Are those stretch marks? God they look so ugly on you.

Colour or body shape doesn't define the true beauty.

Even men got those comments on their looks.

Man with that face, you won't never find any girl 

Get some abs, Your cabby fat body makes me punk 

Dude looks at his face, isn't he looking like a dead man 

Handsome or not, The True man is him, who knows to respect someone and isn't having ugly heart.

" You know Who is a handsome and hot man, A grown man who knows how to treat others with respect and love, unlike with hate words and broken personality" 

Whoever you are, Man, Woman, Girl or Boy.

You should just know that love yourself and learn to yourself.

God made nobody ugly, even the most beautiful people has the most ugliest hearts.


" Be yourself, Love yourself 

.....You're Beautiful " 












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