What Can I Get A Loan For?


Nowadays you can get a loan for just about anything, from buying a holiday home to having laser eye surgery. Here we give you low down on the most popular loans people take out, and how you too can get finance to make your life a little easierÖ


Winter Sun


When calculating the cost of a holiday, the actual accommodation and method of transport are the easy bits. Once youíve added on insurance, food, drinks and sight seeing costs, the amount you need could easily have doubled!


That is why taking out a loan for a holiday is more common place than you may think ñ whether it is for a special holiday like a honeymoon or a once in a lifetime cruise, or simply your annual family holiday. However, not all loan providers will allow you to take out a loan to pay for a holiday, as they fail to understand the increasing costs of a family holiday, so check out if they would before you apply.


Home Improvement


The second most popular reason for applying for a loan (behind debt consolidation loans) is for home improvements. This is because a loan tends to work out more cost effective than running up an overdraft, credit card debts, or taking store credit etc.


Whether you are looking to give your home a new lease of life with a lick of paint or new furniture and/or carpets, a home improvement loan will also allow you to ëgo largeí and get a conservatory, a landscaped garden or a loft conversion!


Debt consolidation


Consolidation loans are the number one reason why people take out a loan as, if it is done properly, you are left with lower interest charges and lower monthly payments. This is because your consolidation loan - which is a loan that lumps together all your existing debts - should reduce the amount of interest you are currently being charged.


And by paying lower interest charges, youíll also be saving money in the short term as well as having one manageable monthly outgoing as opposed to a myriad of monthly demands.


In summary, there are loans out there for just about anything you desire. However, before committing to any sort of debt, do ensure that you can comfortably afford the monthly repayments.



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