What Are Your Options For Consolidating Your Debt?


It just is not any fun having a lot of debt. It does not take long before you get tired of not having enough money each month, and the bills just do not stop. Perhaps the collection agencies are already calling. When any of this starts to happen, it is time for you to consider consolidating your debts. Here are a few options that you have available.


A New Balance Transfer Credit Card


This kind of credit card will be useful to you if your overall debt is not very large. By getting a new balance transfer credit card, you can put balances on other credit cards on to the new one. You will want to find one with an introductory offer of 0% APR interest, which means you pay no interest for the length of the introductory offer. Some of these credit card offers last up to 15 months. You will need good credit to be able to get the lowest interest rates. Be careful not to make any late payments, or you may find that your introductory offer ends immediately.


Secured Personal Loans


This kind of personal loans will enable you to consolidate your debts and get a reasonable interest rate, too. It will depend on your credit score, though. You can put all your debts into one easy monthly payment that should be low enough to handle comfortably. A secured loan will require that you put up something for collateral, like a car or your house. 


Unsecured personal loans mean that there is no collateral against the loan. This will result in your having to pay a higher interest rate, and you will most likely be given less time to pay the loan back. 


Home Equity Loans


If you have lived in your own home for a while, then this is an option you need to consider - especially if you have a lot of debt. This type of loan, usually a second mortgage, will provide you a lower interest rate than most other forms of credit. It will also enable you to potentially get a large amount of cash, depending on how long you have lived there.


A home equity loan is a convenient way to be able to consolidate your debts, and it could enable you to get some extra money for some renovation project around home, too. You will receive your money from a home equity loan in one lump sum, and you could possibly get up to 15 years to pay off the loan. 


Whatever form you use to consolidate your debts, be sure to shop around. You can find some excellent deals, or get ripped off on interest rates if you are in too much of a hurry. Compare quotes and interest rates, as well as any fees that may apply. If you decide to get a home equity loan, you will also want to be careful about choosing an adjustable rate mortgage or a fixed rate mortgage. Since you must choose one, make sure it is an informed choice.



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