Kenya is  a largely an Agricultural country . The livestock sub-sectors  accounts for the largest share of the Agricultural sector,  contributing more than 40% of the Agricultural gross domestic product (G.D.P) . The dairy sector is an  important player in the livestock sub-sectors, accounting for 4% of the  country's  Gross Domestic Product. It is the provider  of much needed nutrients, leading to a  strong and healthy nation, thus enabling  the  country's citizenry to became a truly working nation  the various strategies that have  been put in place, have seen the sector  registering one of the highest growth rate in the country. This  has  not only led  to increased producer price currently standing at between kenya shilling 16–22 per litre , but has also made the industry a much  sought after investment  destination. This has in turn led to increased production and has a surplus which is exported to the  neighbouring  countries of Uganda  , Tanzania as well as Comesa countries. This exports provide us with  an enormous opportunity for trade and business  prosperity  within the region this is done  with due recognition to the fact that regional intergration is a sure way to ensure  growth within the sector the fourth African dairy conference and exhibition in Nairobi from 6 to 8 August this year. Will offer a great opportunity for the regional  and international dairy stakeholders to interact with expert, practitioners and other stakeholders in the dairy sector. Here they will be able to network and share the latest trends and information in the  dairy industry . Feel free to learn  about the dairy industry and more about Kenya as you experience exposure to our great  scenery and lively dairy environment . As the Kenyan dairy sub-sectors is still reeling from the effect of post-election  violence, which saw  Farmers  lose about 170,000 cows  worth 10 billion kenya money , the government has come up with a recovery programme  aimed at restoring  the industry to its pre-election  state says Kenya Dairy Board managing Directors . The violence saw some  milk  collection  centers and processors production level  dropping by 50% of their normal dairy     production  Farmers , traders and other role players  in the country says  that the industry has been negatively affected and is in need of urgent attention coupled  with the combined  affects of the escalating cost of diesel and high livestock feed price managing directos says that the objective ot the recovery programme is to support  the re-emergence of dairy production .


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