Ways to Enhance Healthy Memory Power and Brain Health in Students

Ability for understanding things and recollecting them when needed is important for students. Most of the students understand lessons learned at school and college but badly do in the examination because they don’t remember the answers. When memory becomes weak, people start to forget names and the work they are supposed to do. Memory power is generally related to brain health. Ayurveda gives ways in which brain health is helped to get improved. Use of memory booster ayurvedic medicine helps to improve the memory power in students.

The Memory and Brain Health

Memory has the function in which the human brain gains information, stores them, retains and then retrieves them when needed. The memory is stored and would recall the information learned as well experienced. The poor brain health would affect the memory. One popular perception is that only elderly people have memory problems. But healthy people including students would forget things due to poor brain health.

The Ayurvedic Suggestion on Memory and Brain Health

The term Medhya is referred to as “intellect” in Ayurveda. It has a power of the brain that helps the mind to function effectively. Human brain stores unlimited information. Smrithi or Memory recalls the information stored when needed. This is vital for students who could recall lessons during examinations. Experience gained by the sense organs like sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell is stored in the brain as Smrithi recalls those information. Memory problems arise due to diseases as well as weakness in the brain’s functioning. Dosha imbalances would also affect the memory power.

When brain health is improved, it enhances cognitive functions and improves memory. Using Ayurvedic memory booster supplements would improve brain health and memory. Alternate ways are having adequate sleep for keeping the brain in good health, consuming healthy food to provide nutrition for brain tissues and balancing the body energies. The powerful way to exercise body and mind is through yoga. Doing meditation or practising Pranayama improves brain health. Pranayama practise with Anuloma viloma (alternate nose breathing) stimulates both sides of the brain and improves memory.

The Ayurvedic Products For Boosting Memory

The Brahmi Pearls:  This improves memory and concentration. Maintains brain functioning and ensures a good sleep cycle. This would help to maintain the nervous system and intellectual capabilities. It contains antioxidants to maintain the immune system.

The Brahmi Ghritham: This herbal ghee is made by infusing ghee with herbs like Vach, Brahmi and Shankapushpi. When this ghee is consumed daily before food, it enhances memory power. This could manage conditions like memory loss as well as several neurological conditions.

The Saraswatharishtam: The fermented liquid improves cognitive functions, memory and intellect. This improves speech quality. It strengthens the mind and reduces stress levels to keep the mind calm. It maintains all doshas.

The Saraswathi granules:  This serve as memory boosters for children to improve their memory power. These granules can be taken with milk to stimulate the functioning of the brain. It improves intellect, concentration and is beneficial to students.

Ingredients To Boost Memory and Brain Health

Many herbs are available in nature to maintain memory and brain health. These herbs were identified thousands of years back by sages. It has been used for centuries to stimulate brain functioning and improve memory. The Ayurvedic ingredients to improve memory are: 

Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera – helps to reduce stress and improves memory. It rejuvenates the mind and body. This strengthens the nervous system and improves memory.

Brahmi – a powerful herb for memory improvement. This enhances the brainpower and strengthens the nervous system. It has a cooling effect on the body. This improves intelligence, concentration and is highly recommended for students.


With age, brain health deteriorates. You can improve brain health with the help of supplements to manage ageing problems without any issues. Ayurveda is extremely helpful for students to have good cognitive and memory powers.

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