UP/BIhar famous litti chokha recipe

Well, everyone must have eaten litti and chokha, so in Bihar and UP it is said that whoever ate litti and chokha, Kabbo na dihi dhoka 😂😂😂।

Sattu recipe 

To make litti, first of all we need sattu, now what is this sattu, how is it made? Sattu is made by grinding gram, in that sattu we get chopped onions, garlic, green chillies and mustard oil because without mustard oil the taste of sattu is incomplete, now add salt to it if you want to add red chillies.

If yes then you can put it is exceptional and last but not least will add stuffed chilli pickle and if not then add any pickle masala then mix it  well.

After rubbing it with both the hands, we will mix it for a while, the color of the sattu will look yellow because of the oil, after that our sattu is ready. 


Now move to next step chokha means filling Now we will boil the potato, then peel it and put love pepper in it, if you want to add brinjal, then cook it too, remove its peel and add it, add salt and mustard oil to it, just fill it ready now

Preparing litti 

Let's proceed to make litti,now we will knead the dough and we will do the masala which we had prepared earlier, first we will knead the atta tight, after that we will make the dough, as we do filling in kachori, the filling has to be done and

Last step 

And if you are making it by frying, then heat the oil in the pan and put the filled litti on low flame in the pan and fry it till it becomes golden. Ready hai dish have some 😊

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