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During my school days, I really looked forward on joining university. Not just for the certificate purpose but also to just enjoy life because my friends, the stories I was given of how life there was. I took stories from people who had not even entered the campus gates. To date I still ask myself how foolish I was to believe that there was a place somebody could pay me just for sitting in class something that could only benefit me.

There were stories of freedom, not that I hated learning but really who hates sleep? I used to wake up on wee hours to study so that I could get a chance to go sleep in the campus, ha ha ha. Wait until I entered the gates of university, truth be told I hated it from day one. The long que to be admitted, I wonder why things cannot be done online even when an institution is known to be an e-learning institution. My first lecturer told us that most of us are going to drop out of school because the lessons there were not easy. Who likes being scared though?

Reality; campus life is living by your own rules or rather living by no rules. Behavior codes and regulations do exist yes, but they are mostly theoretical. The first year is always about observing and learning. You are exposed to everything that your parents could not want you to do. Just think about it. Most probably, you will take your first alcohol sip, attend all sorts of parties, are introduced to all types of nasty drugs and even are swept by the “fisi” third years and fourth years who want to get into every passing skirt.

When you get to your second year, your instructors would have gotten over a thousand other students. Although classes are meant to be compulsory, you choose which class you attend or sometimes you do not even attend at all. You will only be seen in class during cats and main exams. Those that were lucky enough to be born with silver spoons in their mouths, go to the extent of buying others to do their cats. Those from humble backgrounds like myself might want to put little efforts into their studies since if you fail a unit you may have to retake the course the next semester a conversation some parents will not be eager to have. Some would trade beauty for grades. You have intercourse with someone enough to be your grandfather just for grades. Am not shocked. Judge me or not, I came to learn the meaning of sugar mummy in campus.

Social events are at their climax here. Most of them provide opportunities for binge drinking and other forms of nasty activities with your peers. Some students opt to get into side hustles like selling data, selling shoes, clothes, working in bars and hotels, starting all sorts of businesses to sustain themselves because really the HELB fund is maybe cursed, it does not last even a week. Sugar daddies and sugar mummies are introduced here. For the less cool students, their Friday nights and weekends will be subjected to Christian union keshas, bible studies or staying indoors.

As we get to the third year, some are tired of campus romance; some have gotten married to each other. Love triangles and love hexagons scare many but they still yearn for the elusive love. The unlucky ones get into dating sites like tinder and many others. At this point, we start getting worried of our final grades hence the damage control stage. 

Then we get to the homestretch, fourth year. We become pre occupied with projects and researches and maybe catching up with the pending units. We even befriend the library and assistant lecturers in anticipation for graduation. Maturity is evident here and you wonder what those other students are doing ha ha ha forgetting we were doing the same. Still others still chase every skirt and every dick. 

Then, university is not restricted to sex, alcohol and drugs. You come across a lot life altering opportunities. If you are focused, enough you get lucky to even be employed while still in campus because most corporates are scrambling to establish incubators in all higher learning institutions where networks are made. You learn how to hustle and survive here and most importantly, your certificate opens doors to limitless opportunities.

This is entirely what I saw in campus. What was your own experience like? What could you advise those joining university? Should they learn from other people’s mistakes or should experience be the best teacher?


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