Truthful Lies

I Told my self to go,

When I should be letting go,

I actually got a break light to let go,

But i failed to segregate the night from the day,


He met me on a sunny day,

And asked for a date,

I told him am not in for a date,

But he still went to wait for me at the church gate,


Sluggishly I went with him for a date,

With a sweet voice he asked me to be his girl,

In Confusion I asked the reason he Asked me out on a first date,


With so much hesitation,

He said it was love at first sight,

Sheepishly I smiled,


I asked if he is going to use and dump me,

He said he wants our love to be like that of Adekunle and simi,


He assured me he is the best that he is not gonna involve me in any mess,


He told me he loves my nature,

So we had pleasure beyond measure,

Because my love for him was not based on his Treasure,


He said he loves me with every dime,

So I gave him all my time,

But I never wish to compromise,


On the first encounter,

He looked at me sternly in the eyes,

And told me I know he is not ready,

Believing his truthful lies I compromised,


On the second encounter,He looked away telling me he is not responsible,

For the first time he called me a harlot,

My world is gradually crumbling,

So I said to myself,


Friends warned me but I shut them up,

Momma warned me but i deafened my ears,

I called them all Enemies of Progress,

I told them He loves me with all his heart,


He asked me to flush it out,

That he is going to get married to me after school,

So I compromised again,


On the third Encounter,

I called but his number seems not to be connecting,

On my arrival to his house I knew I have gotten a rival,


My most perfect lover denied me without a rethink,

Everything happened so fast,

No where to run to,


Like the "Lady Justice" I was blindfolded that I couldn't see the lies in the Truth,


Even the soil which i stood on seems to be disappointed at me,

I lost my Dignity,

I lost Everything

"Be moved by insight and not by sight"




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About Author

Benjamin James by name but Popularly known by Noble. I am a Nigerian writer, Actor and an Activist, Born and Brought up in Nigeria. Benjamin is a passionate and creative writer and always open to learn new ways of writing. I have had quit a number of Poems attributed to my name and am willing to explore more.