Truth Of Aquarius Woman Traits And Personality

People belonging to the Aquarius Sun sign are born between January 20 to February 18, which follows the Earth sign Capricorn. They are ruled by Uranus and have an unique ability to see the world. 

Aquarius women are known for their spirituality and deep thinking. They are known as Water Bearers,  who is associated with the symbol of healing and service. 


Aquarius Woman Personality 

Aquarius women are known for their unique personality traits and characteristics. They are highly intelligent, incredibly charming, and unapologetically quirky.


Aquarius women can broaden the lives of others with their new ideas and experiences. Aquarius women like to be independent and don’t like to be controlled by anyone. In love, aquarius women want to be her own, not tied on with any commitments. The signs like Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries work well with an aquarius compatibility.


Aquarius Woman Personality Traits 

Aquarius women are creative, honest, curious, and altruistic. Their personality is mysterious, extreme, unpredictable and they can also lose their cool. She likes to do society work for everyone and has an enormous portion of wisdom. 



Aquarius women have an unconventional career and they work to benefit and improve the life of others. She isn’t predictable or routine, as she won’t fit into corporate jobs.


The good career choices of aquarius women are healing, acting, research, science, teacher, environmental work or charity work. Her perfect job is to stimulate her intellectual curiosity, help others, and to set her own schedule. 


Family Life 


Aquarius women are compassionate and caring to their families. They can be selfless and do anything to make their loved ones happy. 

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