Traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Today we are in our modern ages in our comfort zone with permission to access almost everything. We have our phones, which are more powerful than the computing technology recognized by NASA during the 1960s to send a rocket to the moon. We have such powerful technology within our hands. Yes, just imagine that you have a thing within your hand which is capable of sending a rocket. Have you ever compelled to do certain stuff by your phones or any other devices, maybe laptop or tablets? Maybe no? Maybe yes? If you watch a video regarding a particular experiment, below the video may show you merchandise related to that particular experiment with offers. Here, with or without conscious you watch the brand or company and at a point, the brand sticks to you.



From a casual survey, it has been noted that we watch at least 7 ads a day. This is marketing digitally, the most commonly used method nowadays. Marketing could be noticed everywhere. If you are satisfied with a product and you enhance it for your friend, this falls under marketing for a particular product free of cost. In this article, we will view the methods used in traditional marketing and digital marketing. 


  1. Traditional marketing-definition

The market which isn’t online-based is traditional marketing. If it is said traditional marketing it doesn’t need to be ancient. Here traditional marketing is used to refer to the medium used in those days and they are even in today’s use.

 This mode of communication with the audience even today receives huge support and still plays an important role in people’s daily life and still growing. This type of marketing includes newspapers, magazines, and radio as the medium to encounter a message to the audience. We will look at the pros and cons of traditional marketing in brief after discussing the topic of digital marketing.


  1. Digital marketing-definition

This mode of marketing includes websites and social media as a medium of conveying certain news to the audience. We have most experienced and came across with our pop-up ads and certain cookies in our daily life. This is one of the commonly used digital marketing platforms. This mode is being more fastest to reach the audience and even this mode of communication with people has a huge welcome from people as it is easy to access from any part of the world with a suitable network connection. And this mode enables the people to stand together with common opinions instantaneously. 



  1. Pros and cons

When the take the part of benefits and drawbacks, we come to know a lot about a certain thing into which we are in research. Let’s explore by comparing.


Measure and updates.  When we move with our traditional marketing, that’s quite hard to measure and search for information. And since there are many files or papers or magazines are present, it’s difficult to find the one which we read already. But when it comes to the digital method we could search instantly and we could receive updates over certain issues immediately. Whereas traditional marketing takes time to deliver its update.


Interaction. When traditional marketing is considered there is no way of direct interaction with the head or with other members of the advertisement or other issues published unless it is a hurry situation. But when digital marketing is considered the audience has the option to interact with the person regarding the issue published as soon as possible. Whereas traditional one takes time.


Stability. When traditional marketing is taken into account the newspaper cutting or magazine papers remain permanent as they are papers. But when the digital method is considered if the device is lost or damaged we can’t recover the same sheet which we have viewed until it has been given an order of backup.

Impact. Our eyes are equivalent to cameras and the brain is like a memory card where pictures taken by our eyes are stored in our brain and we could recover the memories whenever required. The traditional method stays as a memory in people’s minds. Whereas digital marketing doesn’t.


Cost. The most important factor to be considered. The traditional method is the constant work to be done by the company every day and so the cost for production is often expensive. But when digital marketing is considered it is a one-time investment over a while.



Time consumption. When traditional marketing is taken people use them in their free time to know issues around them which could be termed as a hobby. But digital marketing makes us engaged always to the devices as they are mobile. This consumes people’s time making them sometimes lazy.


As it is said initially everything has pros and cons. When we explore them, we come to know more about them. Traditional and digital marketing are like the moon and sky. Both are required to complete our day.

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