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2020 was a huge year for some of the world's biggest corporations, I'm certainly thankful for that I made some wise investments before the stock market exploded and exactly which companies succeeded, and which ones suffered and today we're looking at the 10 most valuable companies in the world, TSMC and TSMC may not be a recognizable name, but if you own a smartphone or laptop is a good chance you own one of their products, the Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company makes semiconductors for corporations like Apple, Intel, and Texas Instruments, as more consumers snap up phones and tablets TSMC share price has risen astronomically at the end of 2020, they were valued at $565 billion more glue is the Executive Chairman of TSMC he filled the role after the company's founder, stepped down in 2018, it's unclear exactly how much TSMC stone glue owns, but it's estimated that he's worth well over $1 billion. He was born in Taiwan, Lou moved to the United States to finish his education. He got a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of California Berkeley and VAT education has served him well as he continues to rake in billions every year. Ali Baba, Ali Baba is another massive conglomerate. This Chinese business specializes in E commerce business to business sales, and retail and it is currently worth $628 billion, making it the ninth most valuable in the world. In the 19 years since its inception in a small apartment in Hangzhou, the Chinese company has blossomed into one of the most diverse and valuable corporations in the world today, Ali Baba is competing on a global scale, against Kenya in several instances underperforming, it's more well known American counterparts, including Google, Amazon, PayPal and eBay, only boobers CEO is a charismatic man named Jack Ma,

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his net worth is now approximately $50.9 billion, and will their members very impressive is actually down $11 billion from his 2020 peak. This is because

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China is starting to crack down on some of its largest tech companies, in order to reduce the power of these monopolistic corporations, China find Alibaba and delay the IPO of its financial and group still high don't exactly feel too bad for Mr. Ma, his net worth still rose by roughly $4.3 billion dollars in 2020, overall rate, Tesla. Tesla had its best year on record in 2020. In fact, it managed to reach a valuation of $668 billion. By the end of the year. This catapulted Ilan Musk into the realm of multi billionaires, he is now worth an estimated $183 billion, making him the wealthiest person on the planet, though he still continues to trade this role with Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, Musk managed to make more than $150 billion in the last year alone. Moving wherever we bleed towards renewable energy and Musk has huge investments in both electric cars through Tesla and solar panels through solar city, and this is before we even mentioned his numerous other businesses like Space X, the boring company and neural link. Needless to say, Tesla is a relative newcomer, on the most valuable list, but it is most likely here to stay with serving Tencent Tencent is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world with holdings in search engines, ecommerce, retail, video games, real estate software, virtual reality, ride sharing banking and financial services among many others, it is worth a whopping $683 billion. Tencent was founded by Ma Wan Tang, also known as pony MA in 1998, the entrepreneur grew up in Southern China, where his father worked as the manager of a major state owned port. After graduating from Shenzen University with a degree in computer science in 1993, he landed a job in developing software for pages, every time and China have an average of just one computer for every 100 People still stayed in chains and making $176 per month, at his first job as a result, he had a front row seat to China's tech boom in the mid 1990s It paid off because pony Ma is now worth $7.6 billion. Number six, Facebook, Facebook is a relatively controversial company, but none of its recent scandals have put a damper on either profits or popularity, Facebook is in a league of its own. For example, Facebook's 2.4 billion users make up around 31% of the world's population, only companies such as Coca Cola and McDonald's can compare to such a worldwide reach, and neither of these companies can compare to Facebook's ad revenue by the end of 2020, its valuation was over $776 billion, making it the sixth most valuable overall app Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was made famous in the 2010 movie The Social Network, and has been in the spotlight, ever since. In the following years, he is faced a number of controversies, but that hasn't prevented him from racking up a respectable net worth of $96.4 billion number five alphabet. Google is by far the most visited website in the world these days is just the flagship business of the enormous alphabet, Incorporated, which is valued at $1.18 trillion. It is the parent of some of the most famous

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companies like way Mo and verily, Nest Labs, Google Fiber and others with more people spending time online and during 2020 alphabets profits skyrocketing. Although it is facing several anti trust investigations around the world, alphabet is still looking extremely strong. Its co founders are among the richest people on Earth, Sergei Brin is worth $88.9 billion, and Larry Page is worth 91 point 7 billion that Google's history began in 1995 and when Larry Page, met Sergei Brin. At the time, Larry Page was a PhD student at Stanford University, and Sergei, was considering studying there in the succeeding years, they managed to form one of the strongest business partnerships in history. Number four, Saudi Aramco Saudi Aramco, officially the Saudi Arabian oil company, is the public Oil Company connected with the Saudi government for many years, this massive petroleum company was closed to foreign investment, but VAT, all changed in 2019, when Saudi Aramco offered its first Initial Public Offering IPO, it raised $25.6 billion, and its IPO, making it the world's largest IPO in a story, it is difficult to pin down the exact valuation of Saudi Aramco, both because a large majority is owned by the Saudi royal family, and because the price of oil fluctuates, constantly, meaning that the company's value can vary by billions in a single day. With that being said, Forbes estimates that the value is close to $1.5 trillion, making it number four on our list because Saudi Arabia has an absolute monarchy, the Royal Family controls most of the wealth in the country, but Aramco, still has a CEO. Ameen Nasir has held the position since 2015 and has an estimated net worth of more than $5 million. Number three, Amazon is the largest e commerce site in the world. Initially, only serving as an online book market. The Seattle based company has set the standard for cloud computing, and all manner of online sales. It is now worth $1.63 trillion, making it for third and most valuable, overall, of course, remember when they only sold books, but that was many years ago what interests me, I'm glad I bought some Amazon stock back in the day, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been the richest person on the earth for many years, though other billionaires like Elon Musk are currently battling for that title, Jeff's current net worth hangs roughly around $192 billion, according to Forbes, number two where Microsoft founded more than 45 years ago when Microsoft is still one of the most valuable companies in the world, the software company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen and quickly became a technological Juggernaut, everyone is familiar with their programs like Microsoft Word and Excel at the company has a valuation of $1.68 trillion. Its founders are still among the wealthiest people on the planet, with a net worth of $123 billion, Bill Gates is still in the top five wealthiest people on Earth. This is in spite of the fact that he wants to give away most of his wealth during his lifetime and I think he needs to start giving it away more quickly if he ever wants to achieve that goal. Apple. Apple is officially the most valuable company in the world. The technology company manages to do something unique. They sell expensive luxury items on a massive scale, via computers, phones, tablets, and software are popular all over the world

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that VAT launched Apple's valuation doing unbelievable $2.25 trillion, even as people struggled during the pandemic, their brand loyalty to Apple never wavered. Because CEO Tim Cook was not an apple founder, his net worth is only around a $1.5 billion. This is still a large sum of money, but he pales in comparison to CEOs like Ilan musk and Jeff Bezos, regardless, Apple is on track to grow for many years to come, which bodes well for Tim Cook's wallet so there you have it, the 10 most valuable companies in the world, which company do you think will be the most valuable in 2021.

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