Tips on how to overcome addiction

Steps to overcoming addictive sexuality

Addiction most times is brewed out of the long lasting passion for the subject; it could be masturbation, homosexuality, lesbianism etc, so below are possible helpful tips that would aid you in overcoming the pressing desire called addictive sexuality

1. Learn to be thorough when alone! I.e, manage the kind of thoughts that come into your head. Remember, thoughts are usually the starting point of any activity, if possible, engage your mind in productive thinking

2. Be full of activity

An idle man is usually the Devil's tool. Never keep your always "hungry for sex" body system without activity. Look for the nearest job, duty, work or engagement and be active, it would go a long way to reduce certain dirty thoughts from infringing into your head

3. Avoid watching or reading sexually exciting materials

This is one thing that I believe is the main cause; pornographic materials!!!! You are usually overjoyed when presented with the opportunity to watch or read pornographic materials but then you can't control your quest for sex - funny! If you lack low self control when it comes to sexual desires, abstain from pornographic materials...... That's just it

4. Never be too proud to tell a friend about your desires he just might help

"Pride goeth before destruction...." Very true. Seek out a person whom you know is totally reliable and relate your ordeal with him/her. Remember, a problem shared is already halfsolved

5. Abstain from body touch with the sex that arouses you

6. Seek spiritual help if it still perseveres


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