Time's crunch, time could not understand

**An arrow, with the quiver of an arrow..**

time lapse

*Preface* - I claim, this poem will give you a slight depression but will make you optimistic about life.

Time's crunch, time could not understand

When I had time, I didn't have time

Today is the time, but where is the time!

Heard clock, time and time

one body and two souls

Bought a lot of watches, colorful, cheap-expensive

Thought, time will also come with the clock

The clocks are so decorated on the hands

But neither time nor time came

Many great people, Alexander, came to this land

consider yourself equal to god

But no one can win on time

Time is very unstable, fluid

neither see nor feel this time

It just keeps on flowing, but time is made to feel

We live in entanglement for the rest of our lives

In the race to get only those who are not

What's in front doesn't matter

time passes by

Those who are with you also disappear

understand its importance now

time has passed, gone

Don't know what will happen next moment,

This is the only time in your hands,

Which has some importance.

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