These health problems can ruin sex life

Their lifestyle is one of the most prominent causes of sexually transmitted diseases. Pu knows how lifestyle is causing sexual diseases...
Nearly 20 per cent of young, adult and middle-aged men in the country's capital consult a doctor about their concerns about sexual dysfunction, including frequency or lack of satisfaction, a survey has found. The survey found that poor lifestyle habits due to unhealthy diet, obesity, stress and smoking not only lead to an increase in metabolic diseases, but also a higher incidence of short- and long-term STIs.
The survey also revealed that 48 per cent of men suffer from unhealthy eating habits, such as unhealthy eating, minimal exercise and bad sleep habits, as well as taking pleasure in activities such as smoking are the main reasons for reducing sexual arousal.
Apart from this, stress and lack of sleep also affect sexual health. In this survey, more than 35 per cent of men reported that feeling stressed affects their sexual arousal and frequency, and 48 per cent of men found a decrease in sexual arousal due to lack of sleep. The study also found that smoking has debilitating effects on health, sexual arousal and frequency. The survey found that more sexual arousal was found in only 19 per cent of smokers (21-40 cigarettes a day) compared to 50 per cent of non-smokers. The survey is an analysis of the impact of various lifestyle choices and habits on the sexual activity of over 800 adults aged 21 to 45, including working professionals, housewives and students from Delhi and the NCR region.
I consider any problem related to sex as the biggest of all. If the problem related to sex is not taken care of immediately, then it can cause big problems in the future.
It is often seen that people are not satisfied with their sex life. There can be many reasons behind this. You should know that many health diseases also have a bad effect on your sex life. We are going to tell about some such diseases, which can ruin your sex life.


Diabetes causes many problems in our bodies. These problems also include the problem of not having sex and due to this sexual life starts getting worse. In men, the problem of dysfunction arises due to diabetes.


Depression is the biggest problem ruining our sex life. If you do sex without mind, then you and your partner will not be able to enjoy sexual life. Apart from this, having sex without a mind leads to sexual dysfunction.


Obesity is the cause of many diseases in our bodies. Similarly, obesity affects our sex life to a great extent. Due to excessive obesity, we and our partners are not able to enjoy sex.


Back pain, back pain is common in today's time there is a problem. Due to these pains in the body, interest in sex life starts decreasing. Due to pain, people are not able to enjoy sex well. If seen, like anaemia, back pain, and back pain also do not directly affect sex life.


Anaemia may not directly affect sex life, but the weakness in the body due to anaemia reduces your sex desire. Whether female or male, there is no desire to have sex due to anaemia. It is seen that due to anaemia in men, the problem of erectile dysfunction starts.

Vascular disease

Due to vascular disease, the blood circulation in our genitals is not done properly. Apart from this, there is a problem with blood pressure etc. Due to these diseases, the flow of blood is not correct and there is a lack of stimulation.


Due to menopause in women, their interest in sex starts decreasing. Explain that due to menopause, hormones change in the body of women, due to which the ability of women starts decreasing. That's why they don't feel like having sex.

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