The World No More?

God created the world beautifully, beautiful flowers, enchanted forests, mountain, bluish sky and many creatures of all kinds and God at the last day of creation when God watch everything there is lacking so God created Adam and Eve in His own likeness and image. This is the story of Creation a world full of happiness, a world full of love for everyone living. But wait what happened to our world?

Humans created another world different from what God created. Humans become irresponsible, humans become greedy and humans changed everything. Yes there is nothing wrong of Development, there is nothing wrong of being innovative, there is nothing wrong of being genius but what have you done to the world today?

This is the sad truth the world is a world of garbage? Who cares? Some people would say this because they are so selfish and so greedy.

Our world, planet earth is now a world of pollution. This is really the truth behind these developments, innovation and changes. The world becomes a world of pollution of all sorts. Name it we have it;

Air pollution caused by these factories, vehicles etc, we can still breathe? Yes but you are breathing not fresh air but polluted air. Because of this air pollution we are like prisoners lack of fresh air to breathe. This polluted air makes us sick much worst death. But still we are so irresponsible; we don’t care what will happen to us next. We don’t care of our children’s future because what we always is I don’t care.

Water pollution that caused by the irresponsible acts of some people who are so irresponsible and greedy. People die and animal die after drinking this polluted water. Who cares? Is that what you want?

Is this what you want? Is this the kind of world your future children accepts from you? A world of pollution and garbage and a world of irresponsible and greedy environment?

Planet Earth is now bleeding to death, planet earth is now begging for you to help her, to care for her. I don’t know if the government is really doing its part in preserving the world, I don’t know if your are helping them or maybe you are one of these irresponsible and greedy people I mentioned. Common guys it is not yet too late we can still revive Mother Earth. We can still change this world for the better.

I know we can do it, I know that there still many people who want fresh water, fresh air and a beautiful environment. We can make this possible, we can make mother Earth a better place to live in.

Stop being a menace to the world and be one of the guardians of mother earth. Your action now will really motivate others to follow you. Your action now will give more inspiration to others. Keep the fires burning for I know if we join our hands and move our feet we can make it, I know YOU can make it.

I love my Mother, I love Mother Earth.

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