The unbelievable things found deep down in the sea

The sea is as refreshing and entertaining as much as it is scaring here is a compilation of some of the scary and lovely monsters that you can find deep down in the sea. 

Sea devil anglerfish is almost round looking fish resembling a basketball, and indeed it looks like it can swallow one. It has a larger mouth to body size compared to any creature in the sea, in addition, its mammoth mouth is filled with savage, fang like teeth. Behind powerful jaws and teeth it has a stomach that is greatly expandable,allowing it to swallow prey larger than itself. The stomach can hold food that is almost twice the size of the entire fish. It grows from about an inch to 3.3feet. The angler name comes from it modified dorsal tipped with a light producing organ called photophore,it flasshes this light on an off and it uses this to lure prey to it's mouth and eat them. But only the females have this luring light, the male survive by hooking itself to the female by a small hook. In some species once it has attached itself to a female, the attachment will be for a lifetime, it gets its nourishment from the female by the hook connection and the female in turn get fertilized by passing blood through the connection to the male parasite. The two fishes eventually fuses and they remain permanent till death do them apart. 

Goblin shark: (Mitsukurina owstomi)this is a rare specie of the deep sea shark specie. The goblin shark is also referred to as vampire shark because it doesnt like light and lives deep down the sea. Although it looks very scary, it doesnt eat human, it prefers to eat crabs, mollusk and fishes, but unlike other sharks this is a very bad swimmer. The name goblin is given to it because it is very ugly like goblin in the movie "lord of the ring".

Zombie worm: well this one is weird, really weird. The zombie worms leave 2-3 below the sea level and it feeds on bone. It was found consuming bones of whale carcasses. These worms are important in breaking down nutrient much bristle worms found in home aquarium. 

Deep blue sea barreleye fish: this fish looks like a glass doomed submarine with the front of the head transparent, showing off its unique eyes. The two dot that look like the eyes are not actually the eyes but the nares, they act as olfactory organs and functions as the nostrils. They are small fish and so consume on smaller fishes and jelly. The eyes are actually those green things you see in the transparent head. This is the first known fish with a transparent head. It spend most of it time just floating in one place. Barreleye rotate it eyes forward and swims upward when feeding, it can only be found deep down in the Atlantic, pacific and Indian oceans. 

Ping pong tree sponge: (chondrocladia lampadiglobus) that actually wants to sound like sponge bob square pant right. But this is like a direct opposite of it. This is a killer sponge, it has hairs that helps it digest food nutrient directly on the outside. It injures whatever comes in contact it releasing some digestive juice into and this will stop the wound from healing and make the injury further deepen. This process is know as phagocytosis. 

They leave 2-3 kilometers down the sea and can grow up to 50 centimeters tall. 


Frilled shark: the frilled shark has survived over 80 million years with very minute changes unlike other species that have undergo several stages of evolution. 

They have have gills that appear fluffy, hence their name frilled. Even with the fluffy gills, they are closely related to the great white shark and hammerhead sharks. Although they are sharks they yet show some unique characteristics of snakes. 

Frilled sharks are known to lunge on their prey with 300 pin-shaped teeth and hinged jaws and swallow them whole. They feed on deep sea fishes and squid. The major threat to this shark is bycatch from deep-sea commercial fishing. 


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