The True Feeling

When you are alone, you need a partner who will cheer you up and give you what you need. If you are looking for a partner in life, make sure that person is kind, modest, and fearing the Lord above. Don't just look at his face or his appearance.

Don't think about his life situation but see how sincere he is to you.

Like the very fresh grass that stretches the arms of the happy hills that are covered with the smiles of the bygone eras, feel his innermost self and embrace his wisdom that is protected by extreme poverty and humility. Do not ignore the urge in your heart that he is the only one you want to hug and love until you feel the warmth and sweetness of his love for you. Let him know that you always long for his fragrant and very gentle care accompanied by tenderness and understanding.

Don't be afraid of taunts from people who have no other fun than other people's lives. They will prove that you love him until the real truth emerges and prevails that you don't need the gossip of others.

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