The treasure

This is the story of the Palace of Rajasthan. The king had two sons and one daughter.

Sons named were- Ram and Shyam. They were idler and never helped their father. They used to quarrel among themselves.The king was sad and worried. He tries many plans to correct them but all in vain.

 One day the king became ill.

The king called their sons. Both came and sat next to his father (Bed-side) The king said,"My dear sons, I am ill and weak. I may die any moment. After my death, you both will take the responsibility of Place .You have a little sister to take care of her, marry an eligible boy. And now, this is the right time to tell the secret of treasure."

Both were shocked. Suddenly both exclaim, what about treasure!

The King said,"There is a lot of wealth hidden in our back, but I have forgotten it after my death.

The king said,"Firstly both will shake hands,promising me you will never fight with each other.

Either you never shake hands and haven't love or respect for each other, the treasure will not be opened."

The king said,"One more thing I will explain to you at night time. To dig out the field. Both realised that, Shyam hugged Ram.

Ram says sorry for the past mistakes Shyam forgave him.

After that , both became very good friends. After two days, the king died. The sons went to the fields to dig out the treasure at night time. They dug every inch of the land but could find nothing. They felt very sad. They thought that their father had told a lie.

The land was well dug. They were disappointed.

The Queen advised them,"Why shouldn't you sow seeds in the field?"

Prince Shyam said,"Ma, we are Prince,How could we do this?

The Queen said , the name, the title of your father in your name. Whatever you have today because of my husband.

This is not yours.And one thing is more "No work is smaller, that the thinking is smaller."

When the three days passed they decided to sow the plants of fruits and sold them.

They started working on the field.When time passed they grew very good fruits. They sold the fruits and found enough money. They understood the value of hard work.

Thereafter,the Queen explained to them, "What did the king say about the treasure?

She said,"Whatever you earn today.I am Happy to see you, that you understand the value of money."

This is the treasure that your father meant. That you both live together,do hard work and understand the value of money.

Both understood "What their father meant about the treasure. From that they learnt the value of hard work or lived happily even after......


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