The struggle of living in a third world country

Every time those in the third world countries wake up,they can't help but look at the striking contrast between their reality and that of those in the development countries.A young girl,a youth to be specific dreams that one day she too can make a difference.Let me take you to some of the major challenges that the pure soul faces.It is hard existing in a world that a woman is given no regards,a woman is seen as someone who is to serve the male gender.It gets worse when it comes to education, the sector has been turned into a business where only the rich thrive.Many remain uneducated due to poverty,they want to get out of the shanty where they live but they have no source of help.The pollution from industrial areas has made life difficult for many.innocent civilians suffer from breathing problems and their cries remain unheard just because they have no significant position in the society.This is the cold truth of our reality,a commoner in the third world country fighting to belong.The silent cry of the innocent.

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Dinesh kumar Malav - Sep 8, 2022, 6:11 PM - Add Reply


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