The Story of Paya

Long time ago in a place called Lubi-lubi there lived a father and a son. While spending a quality time the father thought of making a Paya. A Paya is a local term of locally made food container made of coconut shell. The child curious of what his father is doing find time to ask question? Tatay, which means father to locales, what are you making? And his father proudly answered I am making a food container for your grandfather to use from now on? Then the child believing it's the nice thing to do to a father said ask again his father. Can I make one for you too so that when you grow old I'll have you use it like apoy or locally known as grandfather?

The father ashamed of what he has done immediately clean up and throw away the Paya and tell his son. No son I think it's not a good idea, I changed my mind. From now on we'll no longer make Paya for your apoy.

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