The Sexually Active Woman VS HPV

  Many times people plunge into sexual relationships or just generally become sexually active, without prior knowledge of what being sexually active entails. 

Though there are lots of information pertaining to being sexually active, I'd like to bring to light, just one aspect of it, which is STD's.

Our private parts and internal systems are very fragile, despite having the immune system and all; alot of times we tend to pay less attention to it while getting intimate with the opposite sex.

One major disadvantage of being sexually active, is the exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, one of the most common ones being the HPV (HUMAN PAPILOMA VIRUS).

The Human Papiloma Virus is very common, an has over a hundred varieties of it. If you are sexually active, there's a chance you may have contacted it. 

It is important to know that about 14-15 of the different HPV's cause cancer, majorly the Cervical cancer. This takes about 15-20 years to fully develop. 

A few symptoms of HPV are lumps around the pubic area, discoloration on some parts, like patches, difficulty to urinate due to pain, and blood in the urine, also unusual and foul odored discharge.

A pap smear test every three months would be the best way to avoid nursing the HPV to an incurable stage.


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