The Secret to become a brilliant

The secret in unlocking the length of the vision in human brain is very important to know, it unlock the billion brain cells and lengthens the lens of the conscious to perceive and differentiate, analyze and formulate ideas in a split of a seconds. In human brain, the frontal lobe is where reasoning took place. In Christian perspective of explanation, we called it faith-or the stored information on specific topics of area formed faith. It comes through the accumulation of selected pure truth of information.  (So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17). The pieces of truth absorbed in human mind formed to clarify the lens of the conscious-the conscious is the eye of the mind. The more it absorbed in, it triggers the brain cells and unlocked the understanding-the extension of the length of understanding depending on the truth that one is taking. The more truth taken into the brain, the longer it extended the length of the vision.

If a doctor is writing a book and if you read his book, it means that the whole idea in his mind is clearly seen. Even though, you not the doctor, but you can talk as one who knows about human body or medicine. The reading of someone idea connected you to his idea or thought. The most powerful reading to un-knock the million brain cells in human mind, it is to read the book contained the truth. Out of every reading book, there’s one book that attached with life authority and that is bible because it contained the truth.

 In my experience, when I want to give a public speech, I read the books contained the truth and when I reading it more, it gives me a power of speech. The full power of speech comes when these truth where than, utilized in as experiment through obedient. The experience that extracted from pure truth, sanctified the mind, enlightens and gives the sound mind that attached with authority. You can have wealth, fame and honors but if the authority is missing in you words when speaking, then you voice of sentence will become void less. Even though, it can be well constructed speech but still in the hearing of others, it will be soft with no authority in it.

The second things that comes with truth, is the physical training of human mind-that is to abstain from fermented alcoholic drinks, animal flesh and taking vegetables and fresh fish. These are the thing that can contribute to the human brain power. Steering up feeling to entertain the brain kills the sharpened of the sound conscious of human understanding.

Furthermore, steering up bad feelings such as; pride, anger, lust, jealousy etc, leave a stain that blocked the eyes of the conscious, it seared the nerve and dimed the lens of the vision in the mind and erase the authority in human speech. Therefore, to become a brilliant in certain field, these are the secrets. If you practice it, nothing will be difficult for you.My image

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