The saddest Story for My Daddy’s Friends Who Died.((2nd of February2021)


Name okaloto

The life is short, I heard a news on this evening (2nd of February2021) that I lost my father’s friend. I felt really sad and recalled the words I’ve spoken to him. I said, “There’s no time, the greatest achievement in life is to secure our life with Christ. The world is getting into crises, people were died everywhere, they got their corpses and piled it in a grave, there’s hunger in various countries, people were not settled well. The greatest thing that we can achieve is to secure our life with Christ. We don’t know when we will die. When we die, we won’t awake from the grave and fix our life. We have only one life and when it’s gone, it’s gone forever and our eternal destination is fix-whether it is in the good side or bad side, it already fix.” I’ve given this warning last year and not long, the news reached me that he passed away this evening on the date mentioned.

Well, I really felt heart broken and recalling his reply from the words I spoken to him, he said “yes I’m going to change my life, I have a heart to repent and thought to take Christ as my personal Saviour.” Even though he had spoken that but along the way, he forgot and finally reached a point of death. We may have wealth, we may achieve greatest achievement of education, we can become honorable but if we not secure our life with Christ, to get eternal life, then it would be our very saddest moment when the death is approaching us. Our eternal destination will be fix, we may never apply to get another spare life. All the deeds, words and action were accumulated and shall repay us.

Well, when recalling his words, it stripped my heart, tears fall in my heart. This earth is not safe, sometimes we lost our love ones, when we recalled their words and deeds, it vivid their good old memories and break our heart. I am sad, I am not going to see him anymore-when I recalled back, I said, every common thing in grave is the skeleton and dust.  The great, small, rich and poor, their common thing is dust and skeleton. The life in this planet earth is shorter, the time is running out, let me conclude that we must secured our life with Christ before too late.

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