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I'm little excited and thrilled to launch my new book of Extortioner in Amazon and Kindle stores. It has taken me the whole one year of efforts to set the plots, construct a storyline, write, proofread and publish it. The reason why I'm excited is, this book has been like a small drop in the ocean. I consistently took 2 hours per day to write up the story. 

One thing Covid holidays, gave me was loads of time at home, so I wanted something to be done productively, while letting my creative juices to flow in form of writing. 

I started this story from scratch, then builded up into small blocks and then to a beautiful building. Concept of Extortioner is inspired by Twilight, Harry Porter and Vampire Diaries. 

Selene is our fictional heroine of the Extortioner story.

The story description flows like this:

Selene's path leads her to interact with mysterious humans and vampires. At the age of 23, she gets transformed into a vampire. Further, her journey takes a U-turn, when she meets a witch and becomes one of them.

A crystal bracelet takes her to the parallel world. She travels back and forth towards both worlds. In the meantime, Blight  rain affects people with hallucinations and paranormal activities. Will Selene find a cure? 

Before the Blight rain comes to an end,  she gets to know about mass murders happening in her world. How will Selene be able to find the cause of those murders? Selene gets a chance to ascend to Ceres, and becomes the royal heir to protect the Earth. On her walk to a park, she touches a magical book and becomes a triling. Now what is Selene???

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I hope you'll enjoy reading. Good day folks!

With gratitude ~

Jose Heavena Fernando 













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