The Old Ceiling Fan

All day long hot:

In sweat the size of a grain of corn I bathed:

Shaping the face with a dirty towel:

And until something came to mind that would cure and relieve the heat of the weather prevailing around:


And that item was an old gift from my aunt:

Which has been stored for a long time:

Surrounded by thick layers of dust and cobwebs:

And the color in it is very dark:


I took it out and tried to turn it on:

And it spun very fast and fell out including my scalp:

And I turned it off and the heat returned and I seemed restless:

And I let it run until it smelled like a burning wire:


And then smoke came out of its back:

It spread and ate the house where I live and that's why I ran outside:

My house froze and my belongings burned because of the old ceiling fan that caught fire:

I didn't have a place to stay and I was just lying on the side of the road and various cars are passing by:

And there was a vehicle that stopped suddenly:

A very rich man came out of the door:


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