The Lost Cell Phone




With its affectionate presence at by my side,

I always connected to all people worldwide,

And, the vast shape of the world seems to be closer,

Am thankful so much for having it in my scoop forever,


Loved ones of mine although they’re far,

Can be clearly conveyed without any bothering bar,

That is why in the bedroom I deeply slumber,

It always lying down there as well with care,




When tediousness strikes on the milieu,

Just turning on its agitating mellow,

And the entire surroundings befall to sunshiny,

Carrying a sweet smile behind the gloomy,


Though it brings some troublesome for a time,

When some interruptions on a longing communiqué would be declined,

But still it furnishes a clear vision for me to understand,

Every nowadays invention has a great importance,


But a moment has come when it is lost unknowingly,

From my pocket it has been fallen suddenly,

Fret and fear were abruptly dwelled in my entire being,

Made my orbs surrounded with grains of tears.



Searching for it anywhere,

The first step that I did,

For it was not easy indeed,

Without its presence every time I go to my bed.


My cell phone is not quite luxurious,

It only contains few features,

However it is very important to me,

To communicate my family that is far away.


Once my cell phone is found again in one of these days,

I will keep it more carefully throughout all days,

Dust and speck of dirt would not be allowed to land on its surface,

And, maintaining its good function is what I am aiming always.


Not a brand-new one is my cell phone,


Nor the latest model among all brands of phones,

But its value is a thing I treasure the most,

Its helpfulness in my existence is something full of worth.


Few days after a meticulous searching on my lost device,

Realizing the indisputable reality behind the scene full of disguise,

I must have to buy another one from the market,

And, my lost cell phone I should forget.




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