The history of mould juice

                  The history of mould juice

Alexander Flemings famous mould juice that is penicillin was created quite by "accident".


Rushing is probably one of the most catastrophic habit one could have:-

Imagine all the times one could've been in dire danger.Oh no he forgot his important documents at home!.Oh no she left her phone back home how will she survive?

These are modern problems caused due to rushing about and going berserk.

But for Alexander Fleming,the physician however it proved to be a blessing in disguise. As he had rushed for a vacation and upon coming back home noticed that one of his dishes was dotted with bacteria everywhere except for where some mould was growing.Upon further research he noted that the mould was in fact a form of penicillin notatum,he was sought out years later when he confessed that he had never meant to save the world be creating the life saving drug! 

Well accidents are accidentally lucky sometimes. 


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