The frog legend


There was a swamp where many frogs were living. All frog live miserable in the marsh. All the frog has crown of ruler and sovereign frog. And all work as a worker in just marsh. All needs the opportunity.

                                       Yet, in the frog lowland there was a frog name Dasu who disregards the crown. He says all the creature are extraordinary. Every one of them has insight of diffrent side interest and ability. I need to turn into a star in the majority rule swamp. So how, kindly tell me! Then, at that point, other frog overlooks the Dasu frog. Furthermore, let him know that would you say you are gone distraught? This is frog vote based lowland nobody is legend. Then Dasu tell all that one day all of you be see that legend is legend.

                      So Dasu was a frog who realizes the guitar playing. He plays guitar quite well. And furthermore he play the flute. The lowland was a major spot to live of frog fundamentally.

                  One day Dasu frog emerged from the swamp and started playing the guitar for other creature. As all creature were from other ruler. So Dasu frog was noth catched by lowland popularity based on the grounds that he doesn't wear the marsh vote based crown.

                                        So the show started it came many birds like songbird, crow, sparrow , cuckoo, and numerous creatures like , turtle, crab, fox, canine, feline and rodent all became sink in tune music in the playing of guitar. Then, at that point, it started a decent music and a cuckoo in twig at tree twig started singing. So that was a decent verses of tune every one of them appreciated best. So it closes the show. Then toward the finish of show Frog Dasu requested to cuckoo that how you sing excellent. Then, at that point, cuckoo gave a pass to Dasu frog that kindly take my ticket, it is the ticket of Drama club where nature goddess assist us with learning the music. Then, at that point, cuckoo flied fron there. Dasu frog came in there popularity based marsh.

    Then following day a woodwind is dropped from a birds from the sky to lowland majority rule place. The Dasu took the flute and emerged from swamp and reaches at the cuckoo Show club. Every one of the capable creatures started watching Dasu and his woodwind. Then, at that point, Dasu comes to at nature goddess. Nature goddess told that o minimal creature you have a supernatural woodwind. Where you get it? Then, at that point, Dasu told that some bird flying over marsh dropped from the tallness. Nature goddess told that if it's not too much trouble, give this otherworldly woodwind to me and take this woodwind. Dasu was need to know that what this wizardry is? Then, at that point, nature goddess told o, yes it is an extraordinary enchantment. This stick is of the heavenly messenger. Furthermore, it dropped from over the sky unintentionally and her explorer who was birds were getting it yet it drop? Then nature goddess gave one more enchanted woodwind to Dasu frog. Dasu took the flute and came at his popularity based marsh.

       Then there he started to sing the flute. All the frog of popularity based swamp became hypnotized and tossed the crown from that point head.

                               Furthermore, battled with the ruler, lowlife and evil of majority rule swamp.

And all became legend in equitable lowland.

Furthermore, started living great.

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