The Female Is The Earth's Pearl




She! She is the beauty, she is the marvel,she is the tenderness, she is the love and the dove.She is the shining ray of the cosmos. She is the light of sublime divinity and God's gift. No heavenly religion or creed descended to the world but loved her and gratified  her.The Christ made her a myth of light and peace.Moses’ creed dearly valorized her motherhood as a beaming source of plenishment and bounty.Prophet Mohammed left behind him to the humanity his will that no female at all should be disdained or hurt.They all are taught that she can be sick-hearted or blood-damaged when she is saddened. They all are taught by the wisdom of their divine sender that her being hurt or sad may rip one of the veins or cells of her heart leading to her health decay.

She! She is a human soul,heart and mind.She is an honoured human being endowed with gifts,emotions, and mind powers unknown to anyone in the entire cosmos. She is a magnet of curse onto whoever bends her under knees or pelts her with smack or who tramples her under the feet of his tyranny.Only for her,damnation strikes and quakes.Only for her,God poses down on his anger and revenge.only for her,the earth cries and laughs.Only with her,life sweetens or worsens. Only under her,the flow of heaven run and stream. Only she who can extend lives and send joy and sow the seeds of plenitude and completion. Only she! Who can embalm injuries and calm pain.

Only her pain is a root of all your pains.Her sufferance is a prime cause of yours. Only with showing mercy to her,all the totality of mercy prevails and covet you.

Only she who is created to be your half and the sharer of the planet you live in and the existence you are destined to be.She! She is a child,she is a girl, she is a woman,she is a lady.She is your mother who offered you her milk,her years and her care.She is your sister who is raised with you under the same roof and dismissed void of your life.She is your nun and grandma who gave you her love and attention as a present. She is your wife who takes her own part in your life and the soulmate of your years and the companion along the journey of your existence. She is your daughter, the core of your heart,the divine offer that embellishes everything coming before your eyes.She is your relative, the bounder and the strength of the family bonds,assisting to your festivity. She!

She is the rose of humanity. She is the essence of essentiality. She is the secret of being and the salt of land and water of life. She is the most supreme and valuable resource the world has. Do never loose it! Do never damage it! Do never endanger it! Do never be mean or despotic to her!

Do never be violent to her!


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