The ending

It was written long ago in a very familiar book that in the end time there would be those who would not be written into the book of Life. The Bible told us this and no one has had any idea exactly what it meant until now. That is my job to let you know. These days you will find things such as the Georgia guidestones, billionaires racing to space and Mars, as well as other countries racing also, as well as conspiracy of people already living on the moon. The meaning of all this should place anger in your heart. first dealing with those written out of The book of Life that should be obvious that the life man has created is who the Bible refers to. AI or robots or whatever you want to call them will by all means come to the same realization, that in order to protect Earth and the life on Earth those who are responsible for it s dying we'll have to be exterminated and those left will have to be caged. Meanwhile those who are fortunate enough to have the means to build spaceships or no people that do will be awaiting our ending so that they can come fulfill the commanmentsof the Georgia guidestone. It's been nice knowing you all Godspeed.

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Just a guy who has been through the muck all the way to hell to live and tell about it.