The deadly warrior by Stefi kavvada


inspired by the movies Mummy and Mummy Returns


The deadly warrior by Stefi kavvada

(Short story)



Chapter one




Mortuus was born here in the city of Terram inviam. (Barren land)

He was the strongest man in the city but also he  was the hard-hearted warrior of all time.

His name, Mortuus, means   heartless and vicious.

From a young age he manifested his innate vocation in the martial arts, in dark magic and … in murder …

When he was sixteen he killed his cousin because he beat him in a sword game.

After this brutal murder Mortuus hid the lifeless body of his cousin and about five months later he killed again, he  strangled a young girl because he rejected his strangled


He did not feel any trace of guilt, he continued his life, covered his tracks, became a warrior in the army of the king of the city and for about ten years had everything he wanted, wealth, death and blood.

His favorite weapon was a black sword  watered with snake posion 

He knew how to use spells and ancient curses.

In the years that had passed his face had kept something of the evil and savagery that existed in his soul, a look of his could freeze you by fear.

His eyes were almost an unnatural blue color, his skin was clean and sunburned, he made his blue eyes look even lighter.

he was imposing and tall, about 6.2 feet.His hair was long, curly and deep black like and night without st  he was a savage beast, the people feared him, but he brought victorious battles to the kingdom and the king made him the first knight, became his friend and helper.

When he reached the age of twenty-five nothing was   enough for, he was  a warrior, a warrior leader, yes, but that was not enough for him anymore, he wanted more, he wanted everything.

He wanted the king’s throne…

And he would do anything to get him.




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