I have a story to tell the world, that she might know of the tales that had taken place. I should have outlisted the topic, but for clarity sake, but i shall keep to my word.


My name is Peter and my friend's name is Michael, we both fell in love with a particular girl unknowingly to us, until confusion set in. Here is our encounter.


We were both in School in the cafe, eating and chatting, when a young beautiful girl walked up to our table, to have her lunch. Due to kind of people we are, we engaged her in discussions, and finally, we took her phone number.


Though, after she left, I asked my friend if he has interest in her, because already, I had fallen for her and he told me, 'No'. The pretty lass name was Precious.


So I started calling her, talking to her and keeping her company and when I saw that she was already giving in, I asked her out. And do you know what? She gave me a shocking and surprising answer. Which was a YES. How happy I was, indeed because of that incidence, I took Precious out the next day and made her to feel on top of the World. 


Nevertheless, I told her some of my principles, which was no see before marriage, no kissing, but as for hugging that I would try. I was happy when she told me, that she loved my conditions. To surprise me the more, she told me, that all what I told her, was what she wanted to tell me.


But after sometime, she stopped visiting and each time, I asked her, she would say that she is very busy. Whenever Precious comes, she won't stay long. Most at times, I do see her  with my best friend, Michael, but I was never bothered. Michael on the otherhand, was the opposite of me, apart from that, we don't cross each other parts.


After sometime, she came back to me, I was happy that she was back for good, but the only difference was that she was so demanding, money this, money that. To tell you the truth, there is way or style she always use, that I can't resist, eventhough, I didn't have it in mind to give her. ' My baby, she places her head on my chest and draws what I don't know on my chest, as she is drawing it, she would say, I need so, so money for so, so things, and immediately I would agree just like that.'


One day, when I went to visit Michael, the unimaginable happened, as I got to his house, I saw my ears weeping tears, the both of them were having intimacy, the worst part was that when Michael and Precious saw him, they hissed and laughed and continued having their fun.


I cried home. It was the same day, that discovered that the adages that goes, ' Men or boys don't cry was a false'. I cried out my blood and decided to move on.


Just in one day, my two inner circles betrayed me. With that, I stopped loving, and i saw all girls as bitches. Even when my friends told that I should move on, that all girls are not the same. Okay that wasn't the issue, I decided to give life another chance, same thing happened. So therefore, I have decided to be done with schooling, before I would think of marrying a wife or worst remain a devoted bachelor.


I write to impact.

Cyprian Ajudua.

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About Author

Cyprian Ajudua hails from ibusa, Oshimili-North LGA Delta State. From the family of Chief Andrew and Chief Mrs Nkem Ajudua. He attended his primary education at Santa Maria private school and his secondary at Chosen Stars international Academy both in Ibusa before proceeding to St. Felix Minor Seminary, Ejeme- Aniogor Delta State. In 2016, he had a diploma in Latin, an affiliate from the Pontifical Urban University, Rome. Known as Urbaniana University, Rome. Upon completion of his Seminary training in 2017, he wrote an exam called Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board,(JAMB) a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary- level institutions for the University of Benin, but he wasn't admitted due to his poor grades. The following year, he wrote another JAMB, this for the University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State. And he was given his dream course- Theatre Arts. The Writer is a poet, a prosaist and a dramatist. Apart from being a Writer of the three genres of Literature, he is a spoken word artist and a devout Catholic both in his home parish- St. Augustine's Catholic Church Ibusa, Delta State and in School- At. Peter's Parish University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State Nigeria.