The Covid-19 Vaccine Contained Biometric ID and Drugs.


The covid-19 vaccine was allowed to take in Papua New Guinea. It was included among 23 countries. The Picture Showing PNG Defence force & the Nurse.

It’s important to understand why the nations throughout the world engaged in issuing out covid vaccine. Is it connected with biometric ID system and Digital Economy? These are the very thing that people need to understand and it also, need for people to research and find out more. This piece of article, highlight what shall be the end of issuing of covid vaccine to various countries. The people need to have clear understanding on this topic, because this related to the event which was foretold in Daniel chapter 12:1-12 and Revelation 13.

 In developed nation, they were advanced in biometric system of ID but in developing nation like Pacific nations, they were still progressing to finalize all ID systems. The covid vaccine contained drugs and biometric ID. It needs more insight to understand well, why government enforced to allow biometric Id in covid vaccine. 

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