The Corrupt System

System is the important factor which plays a keen role in the development of a country. It is responsible in the achievement of present and future citizens of a country.Good and bad system are it's two types.

Basically, Good System helps everyone to stay healthy.It even allows the concerned person to help to those people who is struggling hard for their bread and butter.

In good system,every people will do quality work and earn good wages as per their potential.The total scenario of a country will change in less time.

In most sports,we will find more new players who deserve to play at the international level.Besides this,In every sector,we will find more growth opportunities and it ultimately will increase the economy of a country.

Corruption cases will get decrease and other bad activity will be curbed by the police immediately.Good systems will help people to live in unity.It will help everyone to understand that a country becomes great by the achievement of its citizens.

One day,even a developing country can become the super power country by following true idea and values of good system. It's new comfortable rules will help every people to become sincere, punctual and hardworking.

Now Bad System increases poverty.It ruins the economy of a country.It increase the price of any product in the market.It isĀ  responsible in the suicide of poor people.

Some people will lose their job and struggle hard to earn their bread.A low class mob will become a beggar.It will even disturb the budget of a middle class people.

Majority of people will run to their native place to feed their stomach.There will be no good moral values in the society.People will become selfish.

It will force the high authority of a country to take loans from World Bank which in turn will broke the self respect of a country.

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