The Certain Natural Approaches to Cure Covid-19

Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease

The fear generated when there is a mistake or guilt in person’s heart, or the life was in stake and filled with uncertainty. In 21st January 2021, there were 25 million positive cases of COVID-19 with almost 428 thousand deaths in United State.

The people panicked, they thought that they won’t live longer, some got these sicknesses and couldn’t associate themselves with their friends. These people formulate all sorts of thoughts and this of course, add more pressure in them. The mind gets dull when there is doubt and uncertainty. The negative thoughts added to the sicknesses. The perception in our mind is important. We must look always to the positive side of life. There are different remedies that could cure diseases; the best remedies for ancient days were based on natural things.

 In developing country like Papua New Guinea, people took natural remedies like; boiling hot water and mixing green spicy chilly peppers, ginger, garlic and natural tea leafs. These at lease, break down strong mucus and relief their sore throat. The heath is important in life. The maximum life expectancy is 80-85. If we guide our life well, we are going to live longer in this planet.

The world is facing pandemic, natural disasters were occurring one after another. In our eyes, our love ones close their eyes. We see that we won’t escape, we still going to face this situation. The life we are living is too short, there is no spare life that we can take and continue. One very good thing in life is kind to a friend that faced with disasters. We must be advisers to them with good thoughts and possibilities that can cure diseases. Even if we don’t have money, a piece of directional thought of advices would be the greatest value to safe life. It’s not money only can safe life, our prayer of faith too can safe life. The Christian must connect with Heavenly father through prayers and plead for dying life.

We all are human, as long as we lived with flesh we still going to face a situation in life. We won’t keep healthy for the rest of our life, we still going to face a tragic situation. Helping one and other in life is the greatest thing we can achieve in life. This kind of lifestyle, generate a blessing to our kids. When referred to biblical story of Abraham , the act of his kindness to the stranger bring blessing to him. He never notice that he welcome the angels in his house-lately he realized that those strangers were massagers of God.(Genesis 18:1-12).

The COVID-19 is heating our world terribly-this is our world and we can’t escape from this terrible pandemic. We lived with it and going to live with it. The only thing we can do is to thrive to take good advises, share good advices, be kind and be positive in mind that there is a solution for it. The solution is not in the medical world only. The mind is the greatest thing, it formulate ideas and make decisions in life. The mind should have length of longer vision and approached it, through critical plan in life. Therefore, saving someone life is very important.

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