The bullies in my school.



   It was a good day resuming into a new school and new system entirely,I was really happy with myself and how far I've come.

I used to be a bright and brilliant student, little wonder why I got into high school at the age of 8,I love addressing others, speaking publicly and engaging in social activities.

  When I left primary school,I thought life would be the same,but unfortunately,life betrayed me.

   I was a little bigger than my mate,and you can say I was chubby,I was the only chubby girl in my class.

I found it as no problem but I guess it was not so.

My class mates refused to be friends with me and they really gave me a hard time.

I was so devastated.

I had to crawl into a very dead unusual shell.

When I got to high school 3,t because worse,I was accused of been the black sheep of the set, complicating the matter,I was told I have body odor too.

Some of my classmates started giving negative comments or advice:

     "Everything is your mother's fault,she refused to wash you properly at birth"


    "You are a witch, you better leave this place and go to the bush where you belong,fat goat".



  As little as I was,I became depressed,I had no friend to call my own and I was left in a dark world.

   No one in the house noticed that something is wrong, they were still seeing the old me,or probably they ignored the fact that things changed.


Each time I try to explain to someone, probably my Mum or Dad,no one always understand,they felt it's because I'm not used to the school yet or something.


    Now,I really can't take it no more,I'm writing this to the world to tell them that I tried,but it is really unbearable right now.


  Maybe in the next world,I'll be perfect and be a better person.





©Praise Tijesunimi 💝.








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