The advantages of aloe vera juice

The advantages of aloe vera juice

 - Aloe vera juice works as a medicine in cough. After frying its leaves, extract the juice and taking half a teaspoon of juice with one cup of warm water is beneficial in cough and cough.

 -Wash wound, any problem like burning sensation or remove the ulcer on the mouth. Aloe vera should be used in all of these.

 - Using aloe vera with amla and berries strengthens the hair and also protects the eyes.

 -If your hair is ending from the root, then applying its juice on the head regularly, new hair starts coming.

 - Aloe vera is a medicine for the patient suffering from jaundice. Drink 15 grams of aloe vera juice in the morning and evening. You will get benefit in this disease.

 -Alovera benefits in reducing obesity. Grind the fresh leaves of fenugreek in 10 grams aloe vera juice and mix it and consume it daily or 20 grams of aloe vera juice mixed with 4 grams of Giloy powder and take it for 1 month provides relief from obesity.

 If any part of the body has become water or scorched from fire, then you should apply pulp of aloe vera at that place, you will get relief from burning sensation and the wound will also heal quickly.



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