The Advantage and Disadvantage of Corona virus

*The Advantage and Disadvantage of Corona virus *


The quickly developing Coronavirus circumstance has us all focused as far as possible nowadays. It's influencing the entirety of our lives both youthful and old and it will take some capacity to adjust to our lives being changed for the following not many months. However, in the event that I know anything, it's that pony individuals are intense and versatile and prepared to deal with anything that comes their direction. This blog is a smidgen of levity and somewhat significant data about what Coronavirus is meaning for us all as pony proprietors and specialists at the present time. 


The Benefits: 


1. Ponies and other homegrown creatures CAN NOT be tainted with or communicate Coronavirus, so by all methods invest all the energy you need with your pony throughout the following month! 


shedding2. With this freshly discovered pony time you can positively make some extraordinary work on prepping out all that colder time of year hair coat that your pony is chipping away at shedding. 


3. Begin legging your pony up with the goal that you are fit as a fiddle for the riding season. Great legging up implies less wounds as the season moves forward. 


4. Utilize your opportunity to deal with other frequently disregarded horse shelter errands like cleaning tack, de-cobwebbing the animal dwellingplace and doing that full strip down of the slow down. 


The Burdens: 


1. Shows and occasions are being dropped and delayed. This one truly smells… .it is absolutely impossible to get around that. Be that as it may, it is brief. We will be in the groove again soon. We are tough. Furthermore, recall from the benefits show, you currently have some additional opportunity to prepare for the opposition! 


2. We don't will see your grinning faces… .. however much as could be expected we need to limit groupings of individuals. This implies at numerous animal dwellingplace immunization days we will ask that proprietors NOT be available and rather call or text us with questions or demands. We will cheerfully call you in the wake of visiting your pony and go through how things are looking. We can frequently lead reviews through telemedicine or all alone if the pony is left in a slow down for us. Also… rather than drop offs of medicine or pickups at the workplace, if it's not too much trouble, utilize our online drug store however much as could be expected! Follow this connection: 


3. Stress… .we are completely focused on this moment. We should be understanding and patient. Weitz Equine will keep you educated and we will be here for your ponies every minute of every day. That won't ever change. Kindly call us with any inquiries


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